Kevin TillierCEO of MySkillCamp and member of BeAngels and Edtechstation, and funding opportunities by Marijke Van de Sompele, CEO of The Harbour

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As former teacher, he learned that learning is not a process. Each detail of the learning process can transform a personal achievement into a stable improvement. He is now the CEO and Co-founder of MYSkillCamp. A platform helping customers to get easy access to an all-in-one learning hub. Entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration & co-creation, doing what is right, transparency, hunger for learning are the core values of MySkillCamp. As CEO, his role is to make sure that each stakeholder understands MySkillCamp vision and has all necessary levers to build its mission with clear actions: customers with the right support and tools, investors with the right information and added-value and employees with the right environment. 

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